Wall Bumper

Wall protection bumpers are shock resistant, have outstanding food-safe properties and are resistant to low temperatures! Wall protection panels made of high-grade polyethylene plastic are the better alternative to conventional wooden and MDF panels or concrete impact protection.

Protect walls, door frames, shelves, counters and other surfaces subject to wear and tear from damage:

  • Very suitable for mounting in rooms and halls with passenger and carrying traffic
  • Due to the high wear resistance, they can also be used at very low temperatures in cold stores, meat prep rooms, and more!
  • Protecting walls and buildings against damage by industrial equipment and other means of transport
  • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Plants
  • Store Construction/Retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial/Industrial Operations
  • Sports Facilities
  • Schools
  • Public Buildings
  • Food Service Industry
  • Airports
  • Train Stations


  • Water-resistant, easy-to-clean and resistant to fats and conventional cleansing agents
  • Cold-resistant to -50° C
  • Physiologically harmless in the food industry
  • Easy screws installation
  • Extremely shock and impact-resistant
  • Good shape retention
  • 2 Meter Stock Length
  • Multiple Colors Available (Lead Times for Custom Colors Vary)