Fiber Cement Panels

Ceraclad is a ceramic-coated siding assembly
engineered for residential and commercial buildings.
Manufactured in Japan for more than 30 years,
the Ceraclad system integrates proven rainscreen
technology with a hidden fastener system to create
a highly durable ventilated façade. The end result
is a high-performance wall assembly that provides
long-term protection against water infiltration and
low maintenance wall surfaces with a long lasting,
beautiful appearance.

Ceraclad utilizes a two-coat finish system: the color
of your choice plus a protective/ceramic-coating to
provide additional UV resistance and color stability
which sets Ceraclad apart from the competition.
Ceraclad offers a broad palette of rich colors and
unique textures, all backed by a 50 Year Limited
Warranty and a 20 Year Limited Color Warranty for
our factory-finished ceramic coated panels.

Visit Ceraclad South’s Web Site for More Information

Quality Features

  • 50 Year Material Warranty
  • 20 Year Finish Warranty
  • 4-15 Standard Colors
  • Many Textures
  • Patented Ceramic Coating

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