National Manufacturer VS. National Installer

Countless leading national chains consistently experiment with national turn-key installation agreements only to quickly switch to a specified manufacturer for local installation by the general contractor. Here’s a few reasons why:


It is extremely costly to pay a manufacturer/installer with a single or few locations, to travel nationally to install. When and if the manufacturer/installer is sub-contracting the installation rather than traveling to self-perform, this process is no different than arranging a national manufacturing agreement with API / Fenwall, while API / Fenwall sells your required products to the project owner indirectly through a local install dealer.


By simply arranging product agreements with manufacturers like API/FenWall, the project owner is merely choosing consistent quality products at the best-negotiated volume price. The project owner can still require his or her general contractor to be responsible for taking delivery and timely installing the product’s. All too often, many project owners experience unneeded problems and responsibility when sending “their own” independent vendor to work alongside their general contractor.

Timing and Convenience:

Most general contractors benefit from utilizing the most competitive installer local to the project who can monitor and take responsibility for meeting the project schedule, quickly visiting the project on a day’s notice for layout and installation issues and be able if required, to install portions of the work as the surfaces become available, in lieu of the general contractor having to perfectly time a single trip for the owner’s vender.

Warranty and Maintenance:

Timely servicing your project after construction is just as important as before and during construction. The general contractor and project owner benefit by having an executed warranty from a subcontractor local to the project.

The API / FenWall Way:

As a project owner, the most cost-effective and seamless way to supply consistent, quality products ( always to your specifications) to your projects is to first arrange the API / Fenwall products of your choice on a Stock and Ship Agreement with API / Fenwall so that you can have the confidence of knowing that all of your products will be consistent in construction and finish and be backed by the required warranty.

Next, with the Product and Price confirmed, the general contractor can utilize the construction drawings, API / FenWall Product Details and Installation Manuals to solicit 3 or more competitive bids for installation, from a local installer that can properly service the project during and after construction.

API / FenWall Helps:

API / Fenwall manages and times the supply of its products from the construction schedule and by being in constant contact with the general contractor, the installer and the freight company shipping the products to the construction site, for a completely seamless process for our national clients. API / FenWall project managers and or engineers are always available by telephone to consult with and assist contractors and installers with helpful information.

Quick and Easy Installation:

API/ Fenwall products are user/installer friendly. Along with an agreement to purchase products directly from API / Fenwall or indirectly thru an API / FenWall installer or contractor, API / Fenwall supplies the following;

  • CAD details and specifications for the Project Architect.
  • Simple layout/measure forms and installation manuals for the General Contractor and installer.
  • Surface prep and or blocking instructions for the General Contractor and Installer.

In addition, most of API / Fenwall products ship fully assembled and or in a " unitized" a method for quick and easy layout and installation in lieu of many products from others that require extensive on-site fabrication and or assembly. Utilizing API / FenWall’s simple layout forms and installation manuals, we find that many General Contractors with little or no experience installing some of our products, choose to self-perform the installation in lieu of hiring a subcontractor.
Don’t be fooled by other products, less expensive or not, that require on-site, confusing and lengthy fabrication and assembly in the field which creates much more cost and product inconsistencies in the long run.

Work with API / FenWall’s Design Team today to select standard or custom products for your next project!