Solid Plastic HDPE

Solid Plastic is the perfect material to use in high humidity locations. HDPE is resistant to steam, high humidity, high traffic, and vandalism. The pebbled texture helps hide affects of vandalism, while also resisting dents, cracks, chips, and flaking. HDPE partitions are solid and color thru, meaning the material won’t delaminate and minor scratches can be easily repaired.


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Standard Hardware

  • Aluminum Wrap Around Hinges
  • Aluminum Strike and Keeper
  • Aluminum Head rails
  • Aluminum Stirrup Brackets
  • Bumpers / Coat Hook Bumpers
  • Stainless Steel Pilaster Shoes

HDPE Mounting Styles

Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced

Ceiling Hung

Floor to Ceiling Anchored

Standard Colors



Light Brown