Restroom Accessories

FenWall offers a large selection of restroom partition accessories! FenWall’s restroom accessories will fit all of your restroom needs. See our Shop Page to quickly find and purchase the parts you need. 

Baby Changing Stations can be surface mounted or recessed into the wall to save space. Some are polymer throughout while other can be encased with stainless steel for a clean design. Toddler safety seats and diaper dispensers are also available.

Soap Dispensers are available with a wide selection to fit every specification. Soap dispensers come in stainless steel and plastic, and can be operated manually or automatically. Surface mounted, recessed, and counter mounted are all available.

Hand Dryers are offered in many shapes and sizes. They can be recessed or surface mounted. Most are automatic and required no “push buttons” to activate.  All hand dryers are constructed with quality and durable materials to provide lasting use.

Toilet Paper Dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate standard roll sizes and configurations. Available in surface mounted, recessed, and thru partition models.

Toilet Tissue Combo Units combine toilet tissue dispensers with other essential accessory functions. Our selection included toilet tissue dispensers with seat cover dispensers and sanitary napkin disposals.

Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers are created with quality stainless steel to ensure durability. Each holds standard seat covers and can be surface mounted or recessed.

Paper Towel Dispensers come in varieties to hold folded towels or rolled. Rolled Paper Towel Dispensers can be manual or automatic operated. Recessed and surface mounted types are available.

Waste Receptacles are fabricated out of stainless steel to resist corrosion and wear. Available in a variety of sizes and mounting styles. 

Paper Towel Dispenser / Waste Receptacle Units combine paper towel dispensers seamlessly with waste receptacles. These units come in a variety of sizes and dispenser type.

Sanitary Napkin Disposals are mounting inside stalls to proved a sanitary way to dispose feminine napkins. FenWall also has a selection of sanitary napkin vendors. Fabricated to dispenser for free, 25 cents, or 50 cents.

Be sure to provide grab bars for your ADA stalls. Common bars are in 1-1/2″ and 1-1/4″ diameters and offered with peening for an anti-slip grip. Specialty shaped grab bars are also available.

Tissue Dispensers are constructed out of stainless steel. Conceal and mount tissue boxes with these dispensers.

Mirrors are available in many varieties. Framed mirrors can be angle framed or channel framed, adjustable tilt, fixed tilt, or no tilt, mounted with a shelf or without a shelf.

Behind the Mirror Units contain soap dispensers with a paper towel dispenser or hand dry hidden behind the mirror. A sleek way to clean the look of the restroom.

Durable stainless steel shelves are a must have for any facility. Constructed to be durable and sturdy.

FenWall offers a full line of shower accessories including shower curtain robs & flanges, shower curtains, and shower seats.

Custodial accessories include mop holders, broom holders, and rag hooks.

Stainless Steel and Chrome Zamac hooks are used in all restroom and shower rooms. Durable materials will resist wear and rust.

Security accessories are designed for safety. Hooks will flip down when weight is applied. Accessories are securely mounted to make it difficult to tamper with.

Healthcare accessories include bed pan holders, bed pan cabinets, medicine cabinets, bulk disposables dispensers, sharps disposal holders, specimen pass thru boxes, and glove dispensers.

Acrylic restroom signs are available in colors, black, brown, blue, and gray. Other common signage are also available.