Social Distancing Products

FenWall’s Social Distancing Series was designed to help reduce the spread of airborne germs commonly spread by coughing or sneezing. They are ideal for POS check-out areas, reception areas, desks, waiting rooms, fitness centers, and more!

FenWall offers custom design solutions to meet specific project needs, contact us today!

  • Custom Designs Available!
  • Safer Interactions
  • Protect Customers and Staff
  • Sturdy & Portable
  • Easy to Clean & Disinfect
  • Quality Guaranteed
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Sneeze Guards

Manufactured using plexi glass and aluminum bases. Openings at the bottom of the Counter/Desk Sneeze Guard allow for the transfer of small items.

Divider Walls

Dividers & Barriers

Divide waiting rooms, reception areas, and more with sturdy & portable divider walls and room barriers!