Curtain Wall

FenWall provides reliable & economical Curtain Wall choices for low to high-rise applications. Our Curtain Wall Systems are designed, engineered, constructed & tested to meet and/or exceed Florida Product Approval & AMMA ASTM Performance standards.

FenWall’s Curtain Wall Systems are available in screw-spline or shear block fabrication. With screw-spline joinery, the product can be pre-assembled and pre-glazed, in a controlled environment, thus
increasing quality and decreasing on-site costs and installation time.

Subject to glazing and anchoring details, FenWall can ship your frames ready to be assembled. To meet the demands of your tight construction schedules and decreased budgets, FenWall allows for a unitizeable approach in which the product ships from our Tampa-based facility fully fabricated and ready for installation. This method increases quality and dramatically decreases time and costs on the job-site.

FenWall ‘s Curtain Wall systems can accept 1/4″ and 1″ glazing infills.

Stick Build Systems

  • CW600
    • 6″, Stick Build
  • CW750
    • 7-1/2″, Stick Build
  • CW1000
    • 10″, Stick Build

Unitized Systems

  • CW625U
    • 6-1/4″, Multi-span, Stackable
  • CW775U
    • 7-3/4″, Multi-span, Stackable
  • CW1000U
    • 10″, Multi-span, Stackable

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